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Farm Tank is devoted to bringing individuals and businesses the latest in innovation, motivation, and execution. Our goal is to make our network better by providing proprietary, thought-provoking, information and insight obtained from world leaders and influencers. We thrive on helping our followers develop and build a better process. We believe listening and learning from the best can help us make the complex more simple. At the same time, we believe it helps improve our business skills and helps improve our overall quality of life. If we can make better decisions, we can live a better life! 
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Zuckerberg's #1 Rule For Hiring A Great Employee And More Good Insight!
This is so simple, but one I have never heard before... "Never hire anyone you wouldn't work for yourself." Zuckerberg says this is the single biggest difference in whether companies end up becoming great and reaching their true potential, or just pretty good. If you wouldn't work for the candidate sitting across the table from you, then hiring them won't help your company advance. The best companies have to be able to change and pivot a lot, meaning it can be hard to predict just how long an employee will need a given skill set. This is another reason the best of the best have found they are much better off hiring the right "person" rather than hiring for the right skill set. This is a huge misnomer for many CEO's and their personnel in human resources, as they are most often trying to hire for specific skill sets or personality needs that currently exist. Rember, Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix are hiring for positions that haven't even been thought of yet! It's not about hiring people that can get the job done now, it's about hiring the people who you know will be successful later. We also need to remember, not everyone makes it through every company transition or turn. I love what Sheryl Sandberg once said, "Rather than hiring people you have to tell to march four steps, you want to hire people that you can tell, “We're heading over there, get there as quickly as you can.” Famed investor, entrepreneur and billionaire Reid Hoffman says, "This balancing act between who you need now, and who you’ll need later, is no small feat. In the early startup stage, you need all-rounders who love to get their hands dirty. Later on, you need polished managers who know how to delegate. He also states, "Whenever I see mission statements plastered on walls at companies, stating, “Here’s our goal,” or “Here’s where we’re going.” I recognize that there should be an underlying footnote reading... “Get there however you’d like.”


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