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FarmTank is devoted to bringing individuals and businesses the latest in innovation, motivation, and execution. Jordan Van Trump's goal is to make your network better by providing proprietary, thought-provoking information, and insight obtained from world leaders and influencers. He thrives on helping his followers develop and build a better process to become a better entrepreneur. Jordan believes listening and learning from the best can help us make the complex more simple. At the same time, he believes it helps improve our business skills and helps improve our overall quality of life. If we can make better decisions, we can live a better life! 

A Quick Look at FarmTank Friday!

Hi All!

Today's FarmTank Friday is going to be something different than you've seen in the past and something you probably won't see much in the future. I could give you my typical list I usually send out like what I'm reading, what I'm eating, and what I find interesting, but I feel like many of you reading this will benefit much more from what I'm about to share. As many of you already know, last week was the first FarmTank Friday that I've missed since I started this thing back in October of 2018. Keep in mind, it's not like me to just skip a week, but I've been going through a lot as of late and I would like to share with you what's been going on. The reason why I'm sharing this with everyone is because I'm hoping it can help at least one person reading this today. I've been crazy busy, stressed, and running multiple businesses the last few weeks. You can definitely say I'm a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure how to approach the situation. I should note for everyone, I'm busy and making things happen, but I really don't feel like I'm gaining any traction. In addition, I've been contemplating moving out West the last few weeks and I just haven't really been myself. One reason why is because I feel like I'm trying to find myself and what I really want to do with my life at the current moment. I've felt like I'm wanting to do one thing, but I'm tied down to something else at the same time. When you get to a point in your life like this, you must slow down and really think about what you're exactly doing. When I say "exactly," I mean exactly!

Throughout these past few weeks, I've learned a lot about how important a companies culture is, how businesses are actually run, business strategies, but at the end of the day, the most important part is how you're actually living your life. As much as you buck and as much as you're in denial about your actions, everything comes down to what you're doing with your personal life at the end of the day. What do I mean when I say "you're doing with your personal life?" I mean, stop thinking about your profits and how much money you're going to make! Start thinking about what you're doing to improve your life and the lives around you! Are you focusing on making money or you focused on helping other people? Moving forward, my main goals are to workout on a daily basis, eating healthy throughout the whole week, meditate five-minutes a day, read one book a month, better the relationships I have within my family, and to help other people! I'm drawing a line in the sand and I'm doing this for myself for once and the other lives I can affect in the process. You may be thinking what does any of this have to do with your business? This has everything to do with my business moving forward! If I don't have a good attitude every day about my business, then how do I expect my employees and clients to have a good attitude every day about my business? If I'm not focused and have a clear mind about my business every day, then how do I expect my clients and employees to? It starts and stems from the very top. Keep in mind, I couldn't have gotten to this point or received this advice without a little help from the people I count on the most.

Those people that were helping me through this process happen to be my parents. My dad is an extremely busy individual and doesn't have much time in his day for distractions. This past week he's done a lot for me! Keep in mind, we are hitting it extremely hard on our end with all the changes to The Van Trump Report, but I couldn't go on much longer without approaching him and asking for help. He has had many long nights this past week because he's been taking time out of the day to help me with my personal problems. Keep in mind, we had a little heart to heart at the end of the day yesterday when we finally figured out a plan, but I don't think he actually knows how much it means to me. It means more than you can possibly imagine dad and I really couldn't do this without you! Love you more than you can imagine!

You may be thinking... great, but how does that relate to me? It relates to you because I wouldn't have got to this position and gained the ability to have a clear mind again without asking for HELP! As much as you think you can do everything yourself, you can't! Trust me, I don't think there's one thing I can't do or figure out, but I'm wrong. There's no way I could have gone on two months or even two weeks the way I was acting to help this business improve. It just wouldn't have worked for me, the people around me in life, or my business. You can't do it alone, so make sure you're open to change and always trying to find help as well as different answers and perspectives! 

Moving forward, FarmTank Friday is going to focus on becoming a better person and gaining a different perspective from a Millennial's point of view! What do I mean when I say, "becoming a better person?" I mean, we are going to focus on body, being, balance, and business every week. I'm going to include workouts, more healthy eating choices as well as cheat meals to treat yourself, journaling ideas, books to read, meditation exercises to try, how to better your relationships & help others around you, and advice helping to scale businesses and using automation to get to the next level.

In addition, I'm really going to focus on AgSwag moving forward. I've come up with a new tagline for the company, which is "Bold. Fast. Fun." I should also note, I loved this saying so much that I stole it from Sam Parr, the founder and CEO of the Hustle. I'm a huge fan of the Hustle and I'm extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to meet him! Keep in mind, I'm scheduled to do a podcast with him in the future! My goal moving forward throughout 2019 is to help as many businesses as I can when it comes to corporate swag and client gifting. I want this to be a fun process for all my clients first and foremost as well as a journey to improving their overall well being of life. I'm also starting an accountability program for all of our clients 35 and younger that really focuses on what I've talked about today and providing external accountable for those looking for business and self-improvement. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today without being held accountable. If you're interested, then feel free to call 816-221-SWAG! It should be a fun journey and I'm excited for anyone who wants to jump on my ship with me! I couldn't ask for any better subscribers and I appreciate everyone of you that subscribe to this! I'm also including a "Keeping my eye on" below because I like the story and thinks it relates a lot to what I'm talking about as well as a picture of the people that mean the most to me in life! Couldn't do any of this without one of you and all three of you mean more than you can imagine to me!