About Jordan Van Trump

Jordan is the President and founder of FarmTank and AgSwag. Click HERE to learn more about AgSwag! Jordan grew up in a small rural farm community just outside Kansas City, MO. Jordan received his BA from the University of Arkansas in 2018, where he focused on English and Philosophy. He developed his writing skills studying under John Duval and Padma Viswanathan. Duval graduated from the University of Pennslyvania and won a major award from the National Endowment of Arts. Viswanathan studied at John Hopkins and was a finalist for Commonwealth Writers Prize as well as the Pen Center USA Fiction Prize. Jordan also studied philosophy under Jacob Adler. Adler is a graduate from Havard University and a contributor of the Havard Review. Jordan has amassed a wide arrange of experiences through his life. He worked several blue-collar jobs growing up, has been to the fields harvesting crops, he received a variety of scholarships for football and baseball, he has written and published a number of short stories, he was granted the opportunity to attend law school, he has worked with several CEO's from various companies and emerging start-ups. In his spare time, he likes to travel and has attended many of the worlds largest concert and sporting events. Jordan is extremely passionate about bringing his experiences, thoughts, and network of leaders to your doorstep!